"bcc"-based email tracking

Will Hogan
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To track emails, Pipedrive uses a bcc (something like "ACCOUNTDOMAIN@pipedrivemail.com"). Other CRMs (like Copper) appear to deliver the same tracking functionality w/o bcc, which I believe is a better approach. I think it would be great if Pipedrive moved to a bcc-free approach.

What do other users think?


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    Hi @Will Hogan !

    I believe there's a bit of confusion here so let me clarify to make sure we're talking about the same thing: Smart Bcc is one of Piperive's methods for email sync (making your emails show up inside Pipedrive), which is a different thing than email tracking (knowing if the emails you sent using PIpedrive were opened and/or if the links you sent in them were clicked). These are two separate features and email tracking does not depend on Smart Bcc. 😉

    When you're in the Essential plan, Smart BCC is the only way to sync your emails into Pipedrive, and it requires manual work. However, in the Advanced plan and higher you can set up our automatic 2-way email sync, which frees you from manual work and does not rely on Smart BCC (although you can still use it if you want to); the emails you send and receive just automatically show up in PIpedrive.

    Learn more about this in these tutorials: