What is the best calling app from to use from Germany / Europe?

Paul Downes
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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Paul Downes !

    I suggest you try out our native calling app, Caller. 🙂 Learn more about it here.

  • Christoph Weber
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    Hi Paul,

    I use phonemondo (https://www.phonemondo.com). May be, it's a good solution for you.

    PhoneMondo shows phone calls with additional information even for unknown callerIDs. It blocks unwanted calls for you. Various reports let you analyze and optimize your phone usage.
  • Shobhit Gaur
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    @Paul Downes  If you want to do your calls with a click of a button from your browser, try Outplay. Here is what you can do -

    1. Call your prospects, 
    2. Send SMS,
    3. Record, receive and send voicemails,  
    4. Makes notes about your call, 
    5. View call log, 
    6. Download your calls to analyze them,
    7. Call from your actual number if the internet connection is weak.

    Our calls are powered by Twilio, one of the biggest companies in the world for communication, known for its reliability and security compliance in every interaction. Every regulation for Germany and Europe is taken care of. 

    Outplay has a powerful, bi-directional integration with Pipedrive - 


  • Joseph Valenti
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    Hi again @Paul Downes . The suggestions offered here are all valid. I happen to use something called "https://toky.co/en".

    They offer voice, sms and WhatsApp, along with good reporting and apps for Windows/Mac and mobile. They are not the very least-expensive, but I have been a happy customer.

    Good luck in your search.



  • Daniel_29491
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    Me and my friends created an app to identify caller person that is connected with pipedrive database. In simple words when someone calls you mobile app (Android only) shows you informations stored in your pipedrive.

    We would like to ask you what information would be crucial for you as active users.
    We will be grateful if you have moments to indicate which data would facilitate your work during customer service.

    You can check the app here: Third Party Apps & Integrations. At this moment the app is not listed but you can test it and share with me your opinion :)

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