Anyway to add the deal's label to the folder name when using Zapier to create a new folder each time

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For example, I have two deal labels: "buyer" and "seller".  I'd like Zapier to automatically create a folder named "Buyer - John Doe" or "Seller - Jane Smith" whenever the deal is added to pipedrive.  -- I don't see an option to use the actual text of the label in the available fields when creating the rule... I  see only "Label 27" in the field options but that seems to just be a field ID.

Thanks for your time / thoughts!


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    Hi @Corby Hicks !

    What you're seeing is indeed a field option ID, but I believe you should be able to see the name of the field option too in Zapier.

    I took a look and can tell you that these are the respective field IDs and names for that particular label in your account, but I recommend you reach out to our Support team for further troubleshooting and investigation.

    26Listing Agent
    27Buyer's Agent