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Matthew Negron
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It would be great to add files in the Leads Feature. We tend to find leads from data mining and link the PDF files to the project for proper tracking. Currently we can only do this in the Deals feature, which is forcing us to have "leads" in both areas. 

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    This is likely coming down the road sometime soon [hopefully] 

  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your feedback, @Matthew Negron !

    We have a lot of improvements lined up for Leads (stay tuned) and I've made sure to send the team your suggestion for consideration.

  • Ryan Bowar
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    I agree, file attachment to Leads seems like something that should be there.  It looks like it has been 11 months since this post was started and no progress on this yet.  What have you guys been doing as a work around?  Just putting the leads in the deals part where you can attach files?

  • Lee Robinson
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    another vote for this feature please

    We have leads come in with associated documents that are not ready to be fully fledged deals in the first instance

  • Ginger
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    Is this still in the pipeline Pipedrive? The ability to add photos to my leads would streamline my process.

  • Ginger
    Ginger Member Posts: 2
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    Is this still in the pipeline pipedrive? If I could include photos in my leads that would streamline my process tremendously.

  • Karine Labrecque
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    This would definitely be a PLUS for the Leads retrieving and team work.....any idea of when this should be out on PD?

  • Dan S.
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    Is this still in the pipeline pipedrive? Need to be able to add files before deal classification.

  • whatsthedeal
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    +1 please give us an update on this feature request @Boris Tsibelman

  • Martin Miersch
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    I wanted to inquire if there have been any updates regarding the feature discussed by the community?

    It would be truly beneficial if Leads had the same functionalities as Deals to make the workflow consistent and efficient. (Panels, Documents)

    Thank you for your attention and feedback!

  • Auria Homes
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    Please Please Please allow file upload for LEADS not just DEALS. For instance, we have a customer pre qual form that is best used for leads!! When we convert them to deal this file can move along with them through the deal process.


  • Kirsten Tange
    Kirsten Tange Member Posts: 8
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    Yes please! We need to be able to attach files and images to leads. The sooner the better!

  • PDXDriver
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    It's kind of shocking that I can add an attachment to a lead. Seems like a must have feature.

  • semiexact_elton
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    Any update on timing for this from the Pipedrive team? @Boris Tsibelman or @Inês Batata ?