How do you use Pipedrive in your workflow?

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Hey Pipedrive Canada Community 🇨🇦

I work at an EdTech startup and we've been using Pipedrive mostly as a CRM tool to-date. I'm currently looking at ways to use Pipedrive's ecosystem of tools to build a more robust workflow. 

If you're out of the build process with your sales workflow...or even right in the middle of it...I'd love to connect and share ideas. Send me a message!


  • Andrew Richard
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    Hello Berlin! 

    I've been using Pipedrive for a few years now and I think we use just about every single feature possible. If not I'll integrate it, reach out if you'd still like to chat about this..... Cheers!

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    Hi Berlin. 

    My message exactly. We're an EdTech company (based in BC) looking to build better and more scaleable pre & post sales customer experience management process.

    My big topics I'm looking to explore efficiently:

    1. Easily integrate quoting and invoicing. All our customers are in the USA so Quickbooks Canada sucks for this.

    2. Add post sales customer surveys / NPS / Pulse scores.

    3. Easily integrate with outbound campaign email platform(s). Interested in seeing where Pipedrive goes with this.

    4. Easily integrate via API with our APP.