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As I am setting up the analytics section for Pipedrive I am concerned that it does not allow enough granularity.  I want to right now create a report that shows my activity that I completed for the week, but be able to remove different parts of my activity.  For example, if I am looking to see just how many calls and emails I made for a week but remove meetings in the report.  I also want to be able to separate the calls based on calls to a label I created called "prospective clients" versus a different label.

Is this possible and I am just not doing it right?  Do I need an app from marketplace to gain this insight?





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    Hi @Jon Morris you can exclude activity types: 

    Unfortunately it's not possible in the reports right now to split this based on labels created on deals, persons or organizations. However, you could still go to the list view of your activities and then apply a filter where you add these conditions. Those filter results can be exported so you can still get an overview of your data. Learn a bit more here about it as well:

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    @Jon Morris the granularity geek in you will love the report Outplay provides. You can get the daily, weekly, monthly performance, or even set up custom dates. 

    Granular reports are here

    Here is what you can find out separately - 

    1. Tasks Completed
    2. New Prospects Contacted
    3. Emails Sent
    4. Calls Done
    5. SMS Sent
    6. Replies
    7. Meetings Booked

    You can see these reports for everyone on your team or a specific member. If you want to further analyze this data, you can export it in one click. Want even more detailed data?  Explore the report cards and reports from sequence outreach.

    You can try our tool for free  -

    P.S: Outplay is one of the top-rated apps on Pipedrive Marketplace. 

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