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Jonathan Gustavo Pinotti
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Hi Folks!

We're testing a new process inside our sales teams, and implementing SDR for the First Time. Our Marketing team is testing a new form of categorizing the leads, Lead Scoring, with different lead profiles. 
To test this new sit in our team, we would like to integrate some kind of a sales playbook inside the Pipedrive.... Something that could guide the SDR according the different lead profiles. 
For exemple, if the Marketing team send a Profile A Lead, the approach is one.... if the Marketing team sends a Profile C Lead, the approach is completelly differente. And we want to put this "Playbook", or Guide, inside the process, inside the Pipeline, in Pipedrive.

If you know some tool or company to help us in this question, please let me know in the comments.
Thanks, and make yourself safe!



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Jonathan Gustavo Pinotti 

    Pipedrive has just release the Leads inbox and is continuing to integrate and improve this significantly over the coming period. 

    The Workflow automation feature will also be able to help you set up those automated playbooks in Pipedrive. You can learn more about it here.

    Currently the workflow automation works only on the deals and contacts but our team will in the future also make sure you can automate around your leads.

    I hope this helps already but perhaps @Amit Sarda and @Boris Tsibelman have some other suggestions for you :) 

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    Thank you for tagging, @Mike van der Valk.


    @Jonathan Gustavo Pinotti - This is for Deals, and not Leads. If you have a column in your deal details that identifies the profile of the deal, you can set up an automation to describe the playbook briefly in the form of a Note. Once the note is created, you can pin this note in the deal. You can achieve the same using Zapier or Integromat too, where you can pin the note as part of the automation itself.