Pipedrive and BombBomb

Chad T. Mitchell
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any ideas on a pipedrive and bombbomb  integration?


  • David Lorbiecke_3
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    No plans on this either, but we always keep track of suggestions.

  • Robert Duncan
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    This would be extremely useful!

  • Drew Ott
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    Any other video emailing tools that can integrate?

  • Joshua Jones_28330
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    We need BombBomb integration?

  • Elisa Planellas
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    The ability to send 1- to -1 personalized video emails to leads at scale as a part of the sales cadence is important. And that it was made and sent must be tracked in the contact's record, along with whether they opened, whether they watched it, how long did they watch it.  It is most useful when the system used to send personalized sales video emails is either in or tightly integrated with the preferred CRM.