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Hi everyone. Once I consult a company that had a pipeline with 12 stages.

Of course I found it excessive, I just wonder if anyone has had similar experience or it was just me. 

Thanks for sharing your experience!



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    Hi @easyCRM - your CRM expert perhaps you can explain a bit more why you think it's odd and why this company you consulted had set up their pipeline this way. Could help others to give some comments or advice ;) 

  • Alex Stueber_2537
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    Hi @easyCRM - your CRM expert ,
    I had a few similar cases. One scenario was as long as yours, 12 stages. 

    What I did was going over the processes with the client, and understanding why using that many stages first.

    Secondly, we made suggestions to the client and showed them that some tasks that they were using as stages could be cut off from the pipeline making it shorter and more effective.

    I have noticed that new users tend to do that, using some general daily tasks as one stage in their pipelines making it longer and less productive.

    To conclude I run trials with the client with the new scenario, to see how the client was going, and then optimizing from there.

    Well I hope I have helped you a bit, I know that are many other scenarios out there and some new users do setup long pipelines to start with but with help and good guidance they became more efficient and productive over time. 


    Alex Stueber