We've been adding usability improvements recently. Here are a few select updates from this month:

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  • Quick add button for adding new contacts, orgs, and Users
  • Updated real time email reporting widget to show bounce and unsubcribes live
  • Campaign loading performance for very large campaigns has been improved
  • We've added a dynamic term field that shows time relative to an appointment start so you can prep people in messaging like this: "Your meeting is at 10, you should consider showing up at 9:30." That "9:30" bit is the appointment time minus 30 mins and is handled by the dynamic term.
  • You can now restrict dynamic number insertion call tracking to specific campaigns. You can filter via utm_source, utm_medium or utm_campaign. This is useful if you're only interested in detailed call tracking for specific ad campaigns
  • Custom field multi-select picker user-interface is improved
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