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Isa Almy
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Hi Pipedrive team ~ I am working in the wellness industry where many of our contacts have their own business, and they also belong to another business. We would love to have the feature of being able to add them to two organizations but aren't currently able to do so. 

I have spoken with your team and the closest thing to doing this would be to create a new field in the contact form for their secondary organization. The problem with this is that we can't easy see all of the individuals who belong to an organization without pulling a report. 

If we were able to have contacts belong to all of the organizations that they do, we could then utilize the pipedrive feature of having organizations related with one another. 

Please let me know if this is something you are working on. 

Thank you, 


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  • Flip Nolen
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    Thanks for posting this @Isa Almy , it would be wonderful to have this feature :)

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Isa Almy , thank you for your feedback!

    This is a suggestion that we get every now and then and I've made sure to forward it internally to our team for consideration in the future.

  • Isa Almy
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    Thank you @Inês Batata . Please let me know when this happens or anything I can do to further the movement along. Thank you! :) 

  • Joost Poutsma
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    Experiencing the same issue. We have contacts that own businesses and work in other companies aswell. i added a new line in the contact field. But the contact does not show in the second organisation. is  it planned to be added? It seems to me  that the possibility to add multiple organisations to a contact can be achieved in the same manner as adding multiple people to an organisation (it probably is more complicated).

  • clprice
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    We have the same issue. The "secondary organization" field is better than nothing but we need to be able to see all contacts within an organization and the "secondary" contacts don't show up in the listing.

    Would REALLY like to be able to assign a contact to more than one organization.

  • Stuart CRM
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    We have a critical need for the ability to add one contact to multiple organisations and deals. Up to half of our business depends on these shared relationships. During the trial period, it appeared that this functionality was working as expected. However, in the live environment, it seems that each organisation added supersedes the previous relationship. I'm uncertain if this is due to ongoing development work or if there's something I might be overlooking. Could you please provide clarification on the current status and any potential solutions?