Is it possible to sync organizations and contacts from the Leads inbox and the Deals section?

Yael Rothschild
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We very much like the Leads inbox but since we have deals going in and out from the same organizations and contacts, is there a way to open a Lead in the Leads inbox by finding an organization that already exists in the Deals section? And the same question for contacts?
In other word, is there a way to not need to insert an organization and contact from scratch when opening a new lead in the leads inbox if they were already added on pipedrive?


  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Yael Rothschild , we're happy to hear you're enjoying Leads!

    What you asked for is possible: after you've linked a Person or an Organization to your Lead, Pipedrive will detect if it's a possible duplicate from a contact that already exists and will ask you to review it (in the panel to the right) and decide to use the already existing one or not.

    I can also tell you that we're working on making this "potential duplication check" happen the moment you add a contact to a lead and not just after, so good things are coming!