Is there a way to activities automatically added based on sent emails being opened or not opened?

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OK, due to the fact that I am not sure where the best place to post regarding Pipedrive, I am going to post this in this group and on Pipedrive's community.

Is there a way to have an activity automatically added based on an email being opened or not being opened? For example, if an email is not opened (at the length of time I set) I would like PD to notify me and possibly create a new activity to email them again. Is this possible within Pipedrive or an app? This is the type of automation I am looking for.


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Currently, Pipedrive does not have the ability to create an activity out of an opened email.

    You can see if the user opened the email through the insights sidebar, but your not able to create an activity for it.


    You can potentially use MixMax [a third party tool] to achieve what your looking for. 

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    @Brandon Wood you can execute this use-case using outplay

    Try it out for free -

  • Praveen Kumar
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    Hey @Brandon Wood
    This workflow is something Klenty provides with Pipedrive.

    What can you do :
    You're sending out an email - and you'd like to track your email opens or clicks or replies. 

    And based on the email engagement you'd like to set activities, tasks, calls or follow - ups.

    So Klenty is a tool that can perfectly work this out for you with seamlessly, two-way sync between Pipedrive.

    So this means all your email engagements  tracked in Klenty and can be synced back to Pipedrive automatically.
    You can set automated follow-ups, calls or tasks to reach prospects that have not opened or replied to your email . You can also perform A/B test with real-time live-feed & analytics 

    This automation can be done in Pipedrive without you having to step out of your CRM.

    Do head here  to know more :
    There's also a 14- day free trial that helped me a lot. Check it ou

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