💸 Different sales sequences based on team sizes (69% opens) 👨‍👦‍👦

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Hey Pipedrivers, another week, another experiment. 

This time with the size of Organizations 🏦.

We decided to divide our existing sequence into two segments

1. Companies with <200 employee count

2. Companies with >200 employee count

and then we ran these sequences.


Here are the stats :

For the sequence targetting companies with less than 200 employees 

Opens - 69%

Replied - 12%

For the sequence targetting companies with more than 200 employees 

Opens - 48%

Replied - 6.7%

Why should you try segmenting  - 

•To figure out where your product gets the most traction 

•Then doubling down on the segment which gives you that traction, to focus more on revenue conversions

Is your team segmenting their sequences? 

If you want to quickly run segmented sequences, use Outplay - one of the topmost rated apps in the Pipedrive marketplace.