How to capture leads from 3rd party sources?

Steve Wilson
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I have leads that come in through commercial real estate sites like CREXi and LoopNet. Currently they go to my gmail account. Is there a way to have them come into PD instead? It would save time in keying in information.

(I'm a single user -- Essential -- and don't have my own website. Rather, I'm affiliated with my broker's site.)


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    Hi @Steve Wilson , we're so happy to hear about your interest!

    In the recent months we've been releasing and launching a series of features focused exactly on that: capturing leads from external sources and easily bringing that data into Pipedrive.

    This is comprised of various independent features that you can learn about right here, and they are not attached to any particular plan. You don't have to upgrade your plan, you simply purchase this add-on to the plan you're already in, so being on Essential is not an obstacle. 

    Take a look and see what suits your workflow the best: from simple webforms to live chat with potential new customers to everything in between, we've got it all (and there's more to come!). Read the tutorials linked in the paragraph above and If you need more information just reach out to our Support team or ask your fellow community members here how they've been using these tools. 🚀

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