Processes for acquiring leads with prospector?

Minhaz Moosa
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Hi guys, using the prospector tool at the moment and looking to create a step by step process

  1. Move Prospected Lead into Leads
  2. Add to Linkedin with custom message (still to craft message - focus on current business climate)
  3. Follow up 2 days later with a phone call (still to craft script - focus on their current goal? reduce costs / efficiencies etc - call is to get to know client)
  4. Send via email a targeted blog post based on information from the call
  5. Follow up the next day to ask if they have read it and what they thought? would they be interested in a proposal on how we can help them solve this issue. if not, send a similar post 30 days later and follow up the next day and so on
  6. Send through proposal (currently via pandadoc - hopefully through pipedrive soon)- Move lead to deal!
  7. Follow through Deal stages until they are ready to sign up


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