How to handle slow sales week? 🤔

Shobhit Gaur
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Had a tough week in sales? Did your SDR team miss last week’s meeting quota? You are not alone. 🤗

Ups and downs are part of sales & selling in a pandemic is even tougher. I think having a good manager can make a world of difference. And what separates an average sales manager vs an exceptional sales manager is how they deal with them.

David Glickman our sales manager says if you make your sales team part of the process they will understand that their value is more than just getting a meeting today.

They will not rely on managers to fix the slowdown but they will run it like their own business and test new ideas to move the needle forward. Our team is proof of that.

Vijetha saw his reply rates are low, so he brainstormed with David & used Outplay’s a/b testing feature to come up with new subject lines. And bam, he got replies.

Vamsi was having trouble doing voice notes, he heard Muneesh's recorded voice notes, where he was using a special script.

New team member’s Arun and Shreya, started to quickly get early results by using the team sequences.

When he wasn't getting meetings, Muneesh researched and implemented new methodologies for outreach.

I am curious to know how others handle slow weeks?