What makes selling in Australia unique? Use this channel to connect :)

Inês Batata
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Hi all,

We're slowly but surely growing our country-specific channels. Please use this channel to connect with local people who work in sales and use Pipedrive.

Discuss questions, tips & tricks and above all enjoy the community! 🇦🇺


  • Nirmal Gyanwali
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    Thank you! It's a great initiative!

  • Motii Team
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    Thanks @Inês Batata for kicking off the Australian channel :-)

  • Hossein Mohsenian_8278
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    Thank you @Inês Batata, even it's too late to say thanks, but definitely not too little. 

    1. Google Form - When does it get integrated with Pipedrive?
    2. SMS - What is the best way of using SMS in Pipedrive?
    3. Webform - Can we have more flexibility within Webform?
    4. Many more - Let's get the first three answered first.

    Thank you again @Inês Batata 

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