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Lead Management and Generation is an important section of my business. I'm very happy that PD had introduced "Lead Inbox". After some weeks of using it, these are the first suggestions:

  • Note Field. It could be very important to add an automatic date/time section to track WHEN I write a note or any update
  • Email. At the moment if I click on the lead's email, I cannot write email but the email page menu appear. Is it a bug ? ;-)
  • Source of leads. Probably the most important feature: adding lead (companies or contact) directly from contacts section, so I can focus on them.

Any thoughts? 

@Inês Batata 


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    Hi @Marco Govoni !

    Some of these things are already in our to-do list, like linking emails to leads. This is fairly complex development with a lot of moving parts, so we can't give out an ETA at the moment but we are on our way to make it happen and will for sure let our users know when the big day comes.

    I've forwarded your feedback about a timestamp on notes but would like to understand your use case for converting contacts to leads: can you please explain in more detail? Thanks. 

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