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Hi guys,

I am on the trial professional plan, and I am trying to figure out the visibility settings. I have watch the videos on how to set things up. It sounds straightforward but I am not getting the desired result. 

I created a group for  callers or sales rep with the below settings but when I open the caller account from an incognito window, I am getting the message "you are not allowed to see the detailed information due to visibility settings". 

This deal is assigned to the non admin user.  Any help would be much appreciated.



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    Hey there,  I'm Clarissa, from the management team at Support.

    In Pipedrive we have different types of users (admin, regular and manager, for professional). This is because we understand that some sensitive information needs to be available for just a certain types of users, that's why we have the visibility settings in order for you to add them into groups that you believe it's better for your account.

    Here you can find more information in this regard:

    Taking into consideration the specific group you're asking, for this option, Pipedrive provides visibility to any item created by a user in this group to any other user in this same visibility group, as well any Admin User in the account, and users in any parent group to this one.

    Hopefully you'll find the article helpful, but if you require more help, don't hesitate to contact our Support team via chat or email, through