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Hello everybody,


I am new to Pipedrive, and have only ever used SalesForce + Tableau to manage sales teams in the past.


What I have never attempted is to have my Leads self-complete their information in my CRM.


So what I am wondering is the following:

1.) Can I use Pipeline to send out unique links to my Leads so that they can self-complete the missing data fields I need? So they would see the info I have already (Name, Address, etc.), and the fields that need completing (Number of Employees, Annual Sales, etc.)?

2.) Should they NOT answer those emails, I would send them a physical letter asking them to scan a unique QR code that would open the above-mentioned Lead-specific form to complete.


Can Pipeline and/or its integrated Apps handle that kind of thing?




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    Hi @Ben 

    What you can potentially do is use a Pipedrive Web Form. In the Web Form you set up all the information they need to give you but you need to start with Name in combination with email/phone nr for example. The all this information a person will fill in will automatically either create new contacts in your Pipedrive or it will update the existing information if the Name and email address or phone nr match an existing contact in your account.

    Unfortunately you can't just give them a link of your Pipedrive account without giving them a login account but working with Web Forms like this could work.

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