I would love to hear how others are using automations.

Can't get my brain around how it would be useful in our business. Looking for ideas. We manufacture and sell materials to other manufacturers who use our products as a component in their products. We are looking at pipeline as a crm & an internal project tracking tool. Thanks!


  • Bernd Auer www.pd-experts.com
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    Just a few automations we use:

    • Email to the new owner of a deal with a link to it, if we change the owner (the same for organisations and contacts)
    • A deal is duplicated from the sales to the after sales pipeline (in order to keep the statistics right)
    • The dealname changes to "Company name - Product (custom field. Not the products from Pipedrive)"
    • Activities with a checklist for several tasks

    Looking forward learning about more best practices!

  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Mike Williams perhaps you can share some of the parts in your process that are always the same? Do you always repeat certain steps/actions in a specific stage of the pipeline etc... if you write that down here or visualize it for yourself then I'm quite sure there will be a few things there Pipedrive can automate for you :)