Does Outplay show call scripts?

Bart Kohnhorst
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@Laxman , @Vamsi Chaitanya , or @RamakoteswarRao Papineni    

Quick question about Outplay: does it show call scripts?

For example, if I need a script for each call and I call different market segments or at different stages of the sales cycle, does it show a script that is specific to the situation of each call?

For example, if I have scripts for pre-qualification calls, webinar subscription follow up, scripts for appointment setting and more, does it keep it all organized depending on the type of call being made? Same thing for voicemail, it keeps track of which call you are on.

I had a demo, but can't recall this part.

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    Hey @Bart Kohnhorst,
    Yes, Outplay does show predefined scripts for each call while you are performing a call task.

    For that, you need to add your script either to the respective prospect's call task or to the cadence call step

    Adding Script to Cadence  Call step
    Call Script for each prospect

    If you'd like to explore more on this. Feel free to reach out. I'll help you setup a quick call on how it works.