Filter Tool Allowing Deal Data/Details?

Karli Pierson
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It would be great if the filter tool would allow you to pull from deal details/data and not just people and organizations.



  • Karli Pierson
    Karli Pierson Member Posts: 4
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    This is in the filters tool in contacts. Would be great if you could add columns from Deals. Not just person/organization.

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Karli Pierson 

    On the deal list you can filter deal, person and org columns. On the person list you can filter person and org columsn and on the org list only org columns.

    This is because one deal can only have one main contact and org so it's easy to visualise. Same where a person can only be linked to one org. But a person might have multiple deals to it or an org multiple persons under it. 

    In case a person has 2, 3 or more deals linked to it, this can't be visualised in one row of the list anymore, therefore this is done by design.