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Martin Pecha_2338
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Emails are still the issue in pipedrive. 

When you automatically sync your gmail, it happens, that they are sometimes assigned to the wrong person/organisation/deal - especially if you send emails with the same subject and add someone from your company as cc - pipedrive this consider as the same thread.

It would be nice to have the same option as with tasks - just relink the email manually from deal/organisaton/person detail page - using similar system as in task

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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Hey, Martin!

    Thank you for the question. Hope you are having a good day?

    Vladimir is here to help.

    The issue was somewhat tackled when Pipedrive rolled out in-house email sync, and it has no threading (unlike the Nylas sync). No threading - no emails with same subjects that get attached to wrong contacts!

    You can reach out to or via in-app chat to ask to be transferred to the new sync. 

    Please note that, however, the sync can be switched for the whole Pipedrive company only.

    kind regards,

  • Jakob Thusgaard
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    Good help there, @Vladimir Dubakin . That said, even IF everything works well with the sync, @Martin Pecha_2338 still has a point and his suggestion is valid.

    At times you'll be sending an email to a stakeholder in a deal who's not yet created as a contact in Pipedrive.

    In order to have the email appear ON THE DEAL it would be great to be able to manually assign it to the deal. It'll get automatically picked up by company and contact records, but crucially, not THE DEAL.

    Being able to manually assign emails to deals would fix this problem.