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Larry Culver
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This will likely be too much for a single post,, but here goes! We operate in the service industry & get prospects from several sources, including: (1) Angie's List, (2) Home Advisor and (3) a Ductz website.  With the exception of (3), each of these sources have had "custom" e-mail parsing and web page scraping developed to import the leads/prospects ( (1) & (2) ).  Of course, these are "home-grown" integrations (mostly work), but there are still some holes since this has been developed piecemeal.  Also, another integration that's somewhat annoying are the phone calls - we utilize RingCentral IP phones, but they're really islands to themselves (no integration on the horizon other than Chrome plug-in).  After the leads are captured in Pipedrive, a "call" activity is created & that's where it ends.  I am looking for (I think) a consolidation of this disjointed patchwork into some sort of lead & (eventually) customer followup - to stay in contact with those that DO turn into real customers.  Ideas welcomed - and I am a little weary of chasing the next "shiny object", thinking it'll solve some of these issues.


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    Hi @Larry Culver ! You got a real thinker here, huh? 🕵🤔

    My immediate suggestion is to look for an integration platform that can create the thread that connects all the steps and tools in your current workflow. Check out the ones in our Marketplace, they have real user feedback - I did a quick search for you in that category, see here.

    I would also advise you to use our embedded Caller feature for your phone calls - learn all about it here.

    Finally, I've taken the liberty of adding some relevant tags to your post, so it reaches a wider audience of community members who may help you figure out a solution from their own experience and knowledge. 🚀


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    Hey Larry,  I currently use Simplii, they are a VoIP Provider and I am sure they could definitely help you out with something like that. they have been great to work with. You should definitely reach out. Here is the link to their page on the marketplace.