I have a complicated setup regarding ownership of contacts (organisations+people). Looking for discu

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Hi all!

Attached you’ll find an illustration of how ownership of organisations and contacts is structured in our business development project. This is what I’m trying to map up in Pipedrive in the best possible way- in order to be able to utilise the software in all it’s features including overview, dashboards, reporting, digitising workflows etc.

In the centre you see the four business' (BDs) who come together in a project. They are equal owners of the project, including the data and workflow managed in Pipedrive (PD). As you can see:

  • A ‘customer’ can have a relationship with one or several BDs.
  • One BD might have a relationship with a ‘customer contact’ without having a relationship with said contact’s employer (‘Customer’on illustration).
  • There is an industry ‘partner’ which all BDs have an equal relationship with.

As you see this creates a challenge when importing organisations and setting up ownership in Pipedrive. What is your recommendation? 

  1. Should I use custom fields for this- if yes do you have any recommendations on how?
  2. Should I skip the ‘ownership’ function in total?
  3. How should I set up the BDs in PD? As organisations with a label or similar?
  4. Should we use your ‘Teams’ feature in any way- setting up each BD as an individual sales team?


Would love some help with this, very important to get it right from the beginning before we start importing data and scaling up the process.



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    Hi @William Zethraeus 

    A tricky one indeed! 

    I think you're on the right track with your thinking though. You unfortunately can't skip ownership but I'd definitely recommend to set up your BD's as teams and then assign data to the ownership of the team lead. Then you can use labels on the contacts (persons/orgs) to indeed indicate what type of contact it is and use custom fields for certain types of relationships where you can save who sorta owns that relationship. What you think?

    Hopefully we'll get some more people chiming in here with advice as well 🙏🏻