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Prices of products

Nils_12571 Posts: 1
edited July 2022 in Workflow Automation #1

Hi everybody!

I have recently started using product feature and find it really good for the calculation and input of the deal value. We are selling solid wood panels for a furniture industry. The thing is that price of one m3 of the same product may differ very much for each customer, depending on different factors. I would like to somehow be able to look at each Product and to see what are the prices allocated for each customer. Pipedrive support says that there is no such possibility currently, that the only thing that you can see in the Product view is with which companies the product is associated and the total value of the respective deal. Does anybody else has similar needs, has somebody found a way around to see these prices for each deal and product?


  • Mike van der Valk
    Mike van der Valk Posts: 3,627
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    Hi @Nils 

    You could potentially set up a product variation per customer but this can get out of hands with many customers and different prices. If you work with different set prices you can instead of putting the variation per customer set a variation per price.

  • Hi @Nils_12571 ,

    I am currently trying to start using product feature and facing same problems as yours.

    I'm working in the wine business, and prices depends on categories of customer and quantity of the order. I'd like to use variations and/or adding price but it only alows you to play with currencies.

    Did you find a way to manage prices depending categories ?

  • Hey @Julien_84886 and @Nils_12571

    In 2023 we are focusing in improving significantly the Products feature.

    Therefore, feel free to suggest other improvements you would like in the Products Catalog regarding Product Prices or other related features for us to take in consideration during research phase.

    Many thanks :)