Which Pipedrive plan should you get?

Paul Minors
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I recently made a video explaining the difference between the various Pipedrive plans and who’s a good fit for each one. Sharing here in case people find it useful.

The nice thing about Pipedrive's pricing is that you can choose which plan to go on based on the features you need. This means you don't overpay for features you don't use (like you have to with other CRM's). However, all users in your account have to be on the same plan. You can't have some users on advanced and some on professional.

Disclaimer: Pricing and features as at the date of this video being published. Subject to change.


Essential – $12.50/mo. Great for getting started with a nice affordable plan. All the basics like contacts, Pipeline management, activities and basic insights etc.

Advanced – $24.90/mo. Most common. Comes with everything above and email sync and automation.

Professional – $49.90/mo. Great if you want group emailing (if you pay for a separate 3rd party option, it'll likely be more than then $25/mo difference), one-click calling, multiple dashboards, better insights and revenue forecasting, team management (this is a big one), advanced deal visibility settings. Even at $49/mo, it's still not a bad price for a very capable CRM.