Linking Notes from Organizations to Deals.

Ryan Gobar
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When I go to create a deal from a contact on the organization tab the new deal links just fine to the organization. 

If I email the contact from the deal view it shows up as it should within the feed of the organization. 

However, I cannot seem to find a way to have notes made on the organization page to show up on the deal view of the individual. 

Ex: I make notes on all of the pain points of the organization I am targeting on the organization's page. I then create a deal with one of the people in the organization. 

How do I get the notes with the pain points to show on the deal page when I message the individual? If I make a note on the deal page the note then shows up on the organization feed, but I can't make it go the other way.



  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Ryan Gobar !

    I see you've already gotten some answers about this from us in another post, so I'll leave it to other users to give you suggestions of possible workarounds for this. 

    @Marco Govoni @Marcelo Silva any tips you have for Ryan? :)

  • Thomas Graham
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    Ines: Ryan asked a question very similar to what I need to know, but you did not answer his question here?? How do we get the Notes we add to a deal, contact or organization to SHOW in the history of each of those screen views? I add activities to Contacts and Deals yet I can only see them on the screen view where I originally added them . . like the Contact or Deal but not all three. I guess I want all Notes "linked" to the three.

  • Samo Jurdik
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    In our sales team, we are not using Activities. Unfortunately, the whole performance reporting in Pipedrive is based around Activities or Closed deals. For us, the measurement of work is the number of Notes.

    There is one report counting Notes, but it is only counting Notes when written to a Person. We write Notes to Deals. There is no report available which would count Notes in Deals.

    We are unable to track who works how much.