Saving filters for Leads

John Shelburne
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Hi - why aren't the filters staying when i refresh the leads page. Is that a bug? I have to manually reset to myself every time I go to the page. What am I doing wrong?



  • Diana
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    Hi John,
    Thanks for reaching out

    I believe this is expected behavior for the Leads tab, John. If you notice, the URL doesn't incorporate the filter ID as it does for Deals, meaning that once you refresh it will take you to the main Leads page. 

    Is this something that would be relevant for you? If so, don't hesitate to shed some more light as we can take it as feedback for the feature :)

  • John Shelburne
    John Shelburne Member Posts: 41
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    Hi Diana,
    Thanks for getting back to me. It is extremely relevant. From what you are saying, the filter ID for the Leads page doesn't look like difficult development since it is already in the Deals functionality.
    A leads queue is usually a dumpster for unqualified leads. However, I want to have all of the functionality that I would have as if these were deals. So email capabilities, filters and so on....

    I am using excel right now as my main tool b/c the leads page is so frustrating.