Do you use mobile daily? If yes, we need you!

Jana Waldschmidt_66
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Hi everyone! 

I would like to ask for 20 min of your time to learn about how you use a mobile phone in everyday sales processes.

You do not need to have a Pipedrive app installed. However, if you do, this is your chance to share your feedback about it as well.

Please pick a timeslot that works for you

Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to talking to you!


  • Sylvain
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    Hello @Jana Waldschmidt , can the call take place in French?

  • Jana Waldschmidt_66
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    Sylvain said:

    Hello @Jana Waldschmidt , can the call take place in French?

    Hi Sylvain!

    Unfortunately not :( Would you be willing to proceed in English? 

  • Jonathan Gennick
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    I use the mobile app a lot more when I travel, which sadly isn't happening right now. 

    Typically when I open the mobile app I am doing one of the following:

    1. Looking at my calendar to see what is next on my plan for the day. This use case is a pain point because the mobile app calendar doesn't update in real time. I can rearrange my schedule the night before, and the mobile app will spend the entire next day reminding me of appointments at all the wrong time. 
    2. Checking my email inbox, because I do not allow my phone be connected to my corporate Outlook account. This is another pain point as the mobile app will not send email from my work account like the desktop app will. That is super annoying, and I have never understood why the mobile app doesn't communicate with Pipedrive's backend to send email properly using the account that I have sync'd.
    3. Reading deal notes when I'm working an event and need to remind myself of why I am meeting with whomever it is I am about to meet with.
    4. Checking the map to help me find my way to an appointment. Clicking through to the map from a contact's address field is helpful here. 
    5. To advance deals as needed, and sometimes to type in some short notes. Longer notes. 

    Hope the above helps. The huge lag in calendar syncing is maddening sometimes, and makes the app less useful than it could be.

  • Martin Boonzaayer
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    We use the mobile app daily. I'd be happy to chat. The two primary limitations for us is that calling or messaging does not go through our company phone numbers, and our users in the field need to attach pictures, but can only attach one file at a time. So we had to build custom work arounds.

  • Mo Rea
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    Jana are you still looking for feedback?  I would love to chat but I couldn't schedule a time with the link provided above.

  • Nathalie
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    The points made by Jonathan about the mobile app development are very relevant.

    Especially the point number 2. I have just sent a very important email with my personal email adress and not the one sync on pipedrive.