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I want to remove personal contacts that have synced in with office 365.  This is because effectively the whole company can then see my personal emails, which are connected to that contact.  If I delete them, will they then also delete off Office 365, or will they keep adding back in due to the sync?




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    Hi @Matt Killingley 

    I recommend to disconnect the sync, then remove them from Pipedrive so that they don't get deleted in office365. Once you've done that, re-enable the sync but make sure to set up a group in office365 that only contains your work contacts and sync with that group. 

    This way your private contacts remain private and un-synced with Pipedrive.

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    There are a lot of little glitches and workarounds with this.

    1. You need to create folders in Outlook, not groups, the groups in outlook don't seem to work.
    2. You have to leave the duplicate contacts in Pipedrive if you have someone in your outlook contacts that is "owned" by another user on pipedrive, it will create duplicates in Pipedrive. If you merge these contacts it will delete the contact from your outlook. <<This is painful, it deleted hundreds of my contacts in outlook after merging before I noticed!!

    Just because a contact is owned by someone else, doesn't mean that I might not also have them as a contact. I deal with a lot of different customer contacts in my role as sales manager, even other user's "owned" contacts. We need a fix for this.