Insycle is one of the newest apps in our Marketplace, but how does it work?

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@Jonathan Lee works with Insycle and is a great resource to learn more about the application.


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    Thanks @David 🇺🇸 ! In short, Insycle lets you manage customer data in Pipedrive easily at scale. 

    Quick summary of the features:

    • Deduplicate people, organizations and deals, and merge them in bulk using flexible rules and automation.
    • Bulk updates, data grouping for analysis, updateable reports
    • Manage association between people and organizations using any field
    • Cleanse data to create standardization and consistency
    • Import and enrich data without fear of creating errors and duplicate records
    • Preview changes before they go live
    • Automate data cleansing processes to run at regular intervals

    When you connect Insycle and Pipedrive, Insycle will begin auditing your customer data to generate a powerful data health assessment. This assessment identifies more than 30 common data errors throughout your CRM and directs you toward the correct tool and template for fixing each issue. 

    Learn about the 6 Ways Insycle Helps Pipedrive CRM Sales Teams Be More Effective.

    If you have any questions and would like to learn more please post here.