Controlling emails added to Pipedrive with LABELS

Ali Hitch
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I'm a little confused.

From what I can tell, you can either have ALL emails synced into pipedrive, which doesn't seem sensible considering there could be sensitive information/data that you wouldn't want ending up on a foreign system that they can access ...


You control what emails are transferred via the use of Labels. I'm struggling to find more information on how to use labels in my email system which can then control the transfer of those emails to Pipedrive.

Pleas help.

ps. I've gone through as much of the knowledge base that I can already.


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    Hi @Ali Hitch !

    The labels we refer to in the email sync are simply what you'd normally call "folders" in your Outlook or Gmail, etc. 

    Follow the steps in this article and when you get to the image below, choose "only emails with certain labels" and Pipedrive will show you the names of the folders you have. Tick the boxes for the labels you want to sync with PIpedrive and that's it! 🙂




    If after this you still need help, please reach out to our Support team: How can I contact Pipedrive Support?