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Igor Leite
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Hello, I need help with an automation.

I need that when a new business is created automatically it goes to the most available attendant.

If that attendant does not take any action with the lead in 30 minutes, move on to another attendant until one of them takes action.


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    Hi Igor!

    Unfortunately we don't have that option available within Pipedrive. i'm afraid that here you would need to search for an existing integration that would offer this option. Personally, I am not aware of any solutions that would allow for that, but is is always good to check in our marketplace: 

    Thank you for the suggestion, though. It is always good to understand what could improve the deal assignment in Pipedrive. I forwarded your suggestion to our product management team. 

    Hopefully other community members can also share their experiences. 

  • Igor Leite
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    Thank you very much for the answers, I will try to do something with Zapier and study the other app that the member indicated.

  • Anna R
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    Routerjet allows you to automatically assign leads to agents on shift. You can also customize the time it takes for the lead to get offered to the next available agent. Super easy to use!