Hey, could you help me out with deal and person - relation on pipedrive! I would like to see all the

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    Hi @Pia Höglund 

    This is actually by design as we have a system of hierarchy for Notes that works as such:
    1) Note is written on a Deal, the Note is added to the Person and Org connected to the Deal
    2) Note is written on a Person, the Note is added to the Org connected to the person (but not the Deal)
    3) Note is written on an Organization, Note will only be on that Organization.

    The reasoning is because of how People, Organizations, and Deals can relate to each other.

    Also notes that you added to a Deal you would want applied to the Person and Organization as they should always be involved, but a Person can be involved in several different deals so you wouldn't want Notes added to a person that was only related to 1 Deal being applied to all the Deals that person is connected to.

    Just like with Organizations - they can be connected to multiple people so you wouldn't want any Note added onto an Organization connecting with all the People in that Org.

    Does that help clarify?

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    If you think how to manage your sales pipeline, this what David explained is also logical thinking about the sales flow. Pipedrive helps your sales process and flow to keep a disciplined structure, that is needed for succesful sales

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