🏆Pipedrive named the Best Overall CRM Solution in 2020 MarTech Breakthrough Awards🏆

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Pipedrive was lucky enough to receive the award from MarTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global marketing technology industry today.

The MarTech Breakthrough Awards honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of marketing, sales and advertising technology-related categories.

Read more about MarTech and the award here.



  • dgnfly
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    Not sure I would ever describe winning an award as "lucky". It comes from hard work, innovation, creativity and persistence. Well done though! It's good to be on the winning team :-)

  • Andrus Purde
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    Congrats! Well deserved.

  • C Skakun
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    Congrats to you and the Pipedrive team as a whole! The reason we continue to integrate while shedding a bunch of other integration partners is because we see Pipedrive as one of the leading CRMs out here today. You have really put together some magic. Much bigger CRM companies drop the ball in areas you really shine and Pipedrive really focuses on the quality of the product.

  • Guillaume_1141
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    Pipedrive rolls ! That why we stick on it also helping with sound feedback as much as possible. Thanks for the good job guys ! Keep fighting. This is just the beginning. 

  • Kate Walker
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    Congratulations! I've only been a Pipedrive user for a few weeks but I'm amazed at how intuitive it is. The pipeline of new functionality is also impressive. I've implemented CRMs including Salesforce for a number of organisations and so far, Pipedrive is the first CRM that had positive buy in from all sales team members almost instantly - including the old schoolers who have never used a CRM before! 

    Well done! 

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