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New to pipedrive. I am in a new sales role and business development is at the forefront. I want to set up my system so I am automating when to do tasks. IE - first email is sent upon uploading contact, the second email will be sent on X date, postcard sent on x date, call on x date, follow up email on X date, etc . . . and I want the system to be able to prompt me when the dasks are due. 

Secondly, on x date for a follow up email, can I group a dozen emails by the activity required and then send them?   Thx 



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    Hi @Tom Hannon 

    You can use workflow automation to automatically send a contact an email after it's added to Pipedrive. You can also in that same workflow automatically plan follow up activities for this contact. An email in a few days, then a call in a few more days etc..

    We then have reminders for these activities in our Sales assistant, on the mobile app or via email available.

    We don't have time/date based triggers so you'd still have to manually send the email or do the call of course but we can plan the tasks for you via an automation.

    Lastly you can filter for contacts with a certain task due for a certain date and you can then indeed send a group email  making use of the email templates that automatically personalises your emails for you.

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