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We are an insurance brokerage (PI & D&O) who typically will source quotes from 5 or 6 underwriters, from a listing of about 20. We will then craft a solution for our clients consisting of 1-4 underwriters often layered to meet the clients needs.

It can often get difficult to track who has been approached for a quote, who has responded and (as the sales director) who my staff should have approached.

It would be really neat to see a listing or similar on each deal which we could tick off as each underwriter was approached.

I'm sure we are not the only ones (I imagine anyone dealing with Subcontractors or suppliers would be the same) so curious what others have done?



  • Julian Philpott
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    Good question, and I'm interested to see what people have come up with too.

  • Torbjörn Johansson
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    If you in the Deal have a custom field with multiple choices where every underwriters is listed, then you tick all the once that you have contacted. It might also be possible to use automation as trigger and send email templates to the underwriters.

  • John-Paul Dellaputta
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    I would have thought a custom field would be the easiest.

    Another option would be to add a custom field that links to another organisation.

    I would also have a couple of types of activities, like QR (Quote Requested) QC (Quote Completed). QR for when you have asked an underwriter. QC for when you have the final quote - that way you can use automation to escalate if there's not response within the required timeframe. 

    The other thing you could do is when you add the activities, even though they are linked to the Deal, you can attach them to the Underwriter (in the organisation field).