What´s your setup/ mesh up for marketing automation? And which Best Practices do you have for market

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Dear all,

my current setup is Facebook for Ads + LinkedIn for cold calling with new, targeted contacts (starting with Sales Navigator next month) + Clickfunnels for Landing Pages + Active Campaign for Marketing Automations + Pipedrive as CRM + MS Teams for notifications of incoming leads that need to be called back. APIs are used to integrate Clickfunnels with AC and AC with Pipedrive. And we do webinars as teasers for our seminars - although the webinars are not yet connected to the other platforms. 

This is getting pretty complex. Which of the abovementioned use cases can one do via Pipedrive in state-of-the-art quality? My biggest problem is that due to the GDPR changes, I had to take all contacts out of Active Campaign because they would be stored on AWS in the US. 

Any ideas how to optimize the system?

Which is your setup/ mesh-up?