Adding Products to Leads (so that it aligns with Deals better!)

It is currently not possible to add Products to Leads, which seems strange to me as Leads become Deals and Products are integral in Deals. 

For our company, when we identify a possible "Lead" or opportunity, it is identifying somebody who might be interested to buy a Product, so having the Product connected to the Lead is integral to the process. The two are completely linked. 

Even stranger is that if you have a Lead and you convert this to a Deal, you cannot even add the Products in whilst converting - you have to retrospectively add Products in afterwards.  


I understand Leads is in Beta, so is this a feature that could be added going forward? It would make life so much easier and make Pipedrive a more fluid and intelligent programme!

What does everybody think?

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @David Cornwall 

    You're right, the Leads are brand new in Pipedrive and we're working hard to have them integrate to all other features you love, like the products. I'll be sure to pass on to our team you're waiting for this and I've added the "feedback" tag to your post as well to give it some more visibility, thanks for sharing!

  • Karina Davies
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    Absolutely agree that this feature would be massively beneficial!