Can Pipedrive do Email Sequences?

Ben Knosby
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Can Pipedrive's 'Workflow Automation' do an email sequence (meaning it sends one email, then 3 days later sends another, then 4 days later sends another)?

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  • Minhaz Moosa
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    @Ben Knosby have a look at outfunnel, its on the Pipedrive marketplace.

    My team are in the process of using Pipedrive - Outfunnel - Mailchimp to automate emails and customer journeys.

    Not 100% sure it can be done exactly how you want it but won't be far off.

  • Nebojsa Damjanovich
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    Everyone would like that :-) but we should use  instead and similar things

  • Dmitrii Beliakov
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    We are in a process of (partially) migrating from Hubspot to Pipedrive. Hubspot does the sequences just fine.

    I couldn't find the same in Pipedrive.

  • Greg Russak
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    I'm looking for exactly the same, Ben. Hard to believe this thread is a year old. It's a bit inexplicable that something that I would consider to be CRM table takes - sales email sequences as you've described them, Ben - is something I'm not seeing a year later. Even more inexplicable is that no one from @Pipeline Admin is participating in this discussion.