Configuration for two people managing the same pool of leads.

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I have two of our 20 users that are going to be operating as a partnership using the same pool of leads. Can you have a professional subscription and use TEAMS subscription for some, but not all subscribers in an organisation? 

Any other ideas of how to configure a set up so they can both see the pool of leads and then assign one or the other person to own them? 



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Jeff Cooke 

    Unfortunately all users have to be on the same pricing plan.
    However, you can make sure your users use the same filter so they can pick their leads and assign them to themselves.

    For auto assigning leads/deals via round robin you can check out Zapier and RouterJet for example. Leads I don't think is integrated there yet, but deals are.

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    Routerjet does work on the lead, deal or contact level:)