How do I get statistics of when a deal moves down the pipeline?

Ulrikke Henriksen
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We have four steps in our pipeline = new lead, lead contacted, meeting, proposal made. I need to be able to pull an overview of the date the lead was moved into the "meeting" step and when a lead is moved into the "proposal made" step. Preferably with a value stating the user who moved them. Is this possible? And if so, how do I do it?


  • Martin Boonzaayer
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    Yes, this is possible. I have implemented this exact same thing. I created a custom date field that corresponds to each stage and a corresponding custom user field for each stage as well. Then using integromat when the deal stage changes integromat will save the user and the date to the custom field

  • Sue Steckle
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    If you go to your "Insights" tab, there should be a standard report there already called "Deal Progress" which can further customize and save a copy with your customizations - might be a good starting point for you?