Can I get your feedback ? Ebook on Unique Strategies for Sales in Pipedrive

Dailius Wilson
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Hi Pipedrive family! A few weeks ago I took the time to write this ebook on 10 Unique Strategies to Boost Sales for Pipedrive

If you have 5-10 minutes to give the content a read I'd love your thoughts 

Here is the link:



  • Owen Farrugia
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    Thanks for taking the time and sharing the knowledge :) 

  • Joseph Valenti
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    Hi Dailius,

    My first comment is one of congratulations and appreciation. Both the content and the format are approachable and actionable. Nice.

    I remark that the hyperlinks are not (yet?) working in the PDF. No doubt a future revision will include working links.

    One of the great suggestions you make to have salespeople document successes (and failures) with short videos that can be attached to a deal. I'd recommend that you do the same in this document... for those readers that have understood "what" and are ready to learn "how", provide a link to a short video to demonstrate the idea right in a Pipedrive account. 

    It is -entirely- appropriate for you to mention your own company's solution in the document, and the way you've done it on page 12 is nearly perfect. It is a smooth tie-in to demonstrate the value of your product in the Pipedrive ecosystem (yes, I am a fan of GetAccept, if not yet a customer).  I would nevertheless recommend that you move the "branded suggestion" to the end of the document, take two full pages in the same format, and explain how GetAccept can bring the reader closer to the targets identified in your paper. Ideally, again, with some video hot-links.   Last suggestion here would be: where GetAccept can help with ideas on page X, place an icon/link to bring the reader to one of those two last pages that teaches them "how" right away.

    Nicely done. I am jealous, and I must plan to develop similar content for our audience!