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Laura Pickering
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Hi All, I have account 'teams' that share deals. Can I assign multiple owners to a single deal?
Thank you, Pick



  • Jeffrey Dromeshauser
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    I agree that this would be helpful.  I co-produce certain accounts with another colleague and right now the deal is either won by myself or by them and we cannot track the information properly.   

  • Steven_3816
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    @Laura Pickering Pipedrive will only allow one owner for all the native functionality like reporting, but you could add some custom 'user' fields that would allow you to add multiple users to a single deal. 


    Another idea might be to add a custom 'team' field, then you can assign a team to each deal and create filters based on that team. 

    I hope that helps, if you have any more questions please feel free to reach out to me at or directly at

  • Arlena Yagecic
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    Hi Laura, 

    Without knowing your end goal, I would recommend trying out 3 things:

    1. Pipedrive has a native Teams feature. 
      • Go to Company Settings -> Manage Users -> Teams. 
      • I've used this for a similar purpose and it worked out well. 
    2. There is also a "Followers" section of the side bar.  
      • You can add users to follow the deal. 
      • You can export and report on this data.
    3. You could also create separate users that are the team's name. 
      • First Name = Team; Last Name = Name of the Team. 
      • You can track it as the individual up until the deal is won, then change the owner to the team name and track the date the Owner was changed.

    Keep us all updated on what you end up doing =)



  • Josh Monifi
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    Yup, we did what Steven mentioned above, we added two additional "Contact" fields at the top of the Details section that pull from Users. It's a work around.