Correct name-tense & stage management

Ali Hitch
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In the knowledgebase, Pipedrive suggests using the past indefinite tense.

What I'm not sure is WHEN to place deals in a certain stage.

Which example is correct?

>> Pipeline stage name: Contact made

Example 1

> Deal STAYS in Contact made because first contact has been made

Example 2

> Deal MOVES to next stage because contact has been made

Thanks, Ali.


  • Lukas Zischewski
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    Well, i think there is no clear answer to that as you can configure the stages as you like in pipedrive.

    Like the labeling of the stages ... fine ... dont like it... then just give them names according to your liking. As always in Sales there isnt always a fixed way you need to take.

  • Sarah Weatherley
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    Like Lukas says, you can configure the stages as you like.

    We use each stage as a 'to do'... so,

    Hot Prospect > Meeting > Prepare Quote > Quote Sent/awaiting sign off > Chase client (after 60days turns red/rotten)

    Hope this helps!

  • Brian Abrahart
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    I would first review your sales process - if you have clear definitions of what triggers need to be completed before you move to your next stage, you can consider adding these as automated tasks once you move to each stage as one option, or if you have simple triggers you can just rename each stage to align with your trigger, "Contact completed"; "Offer submitted";"Negotiation completed" as examples.

  • Torbjörn Johansson
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    Pipedrive gives an example of a sales process. You should decide which sales process your company should use, how you should work. Then you configure Pipedrive in that way, not the other way around.

  • Vigants Lesausks
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    I prefere to name stages as actions - Prospecting, Preparing Quote, Qulifying, Closing. It allows more action oriented language instead of status oriented. 

  • Jesko
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    @Ali Hitch I think you refer to

    To make sure everyone within your team understands all stages the same way, make sure you use past indefinite tense when creating new names.
    For example, use Meeting Agreed instead of just Meeting — otherwise it's difficult to understand when exactly you should drag the deal to that stage.

    What Pipedrive suggests here is to move the deal to the "Meeting Agreed" stage as soon as you finished agreeing a meeting.

    We modelled our pipeline accordingly and it works well.