Making it so that you can allow regular users to delete people and organisations

Zena Markham
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I have had to make most of the team admin's because it is too much of a faff for them to email me to delete something. I had to look through the permissions over and over again because I was so surprised that it wasn't an option.

Is this something that you can do or?


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Zena Markham 

    Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. I will make sure our team looking into permissions sees your comment and considers this for future updates. Thanks for sharing!

  • Yurij Mikhassiak
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    Same issue. How this can be even possible that you have to make everyone admins as you will always have people who make mistakes.

  • Michael_58465
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    Hi, I can only add to the previous comments. In other systems it is a standard that users can edit/delete the data they have added themselves. 

    Giving everybody Admin permissions only so that they can correct mistakes on their own undermines the whole idea of permission. I would strongly recommend to make this feature a priority. 

    Thank you for an update on the current status. KR, M