Please enable the various account functionalities in the sandbox
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Good day,

Please enable in sandbox accounts the option to choose the subscription plan to use. Then we can develop and test apps with it. Otherwise we can only use the sandbox for the functionality that falls under the essential subscription.


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @[email protected] for developer and sandbox related comments and questions I can best advice you to be in our Developers community here. 

    I know, not ideal to have 2 communities, since this one has just gone live we're working on a better situation in the future ;) 

  • David Lorbiecke_3
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    Hey @[email protected],

    To go along with what mike said, the sandbox accounts start off as the bare essentials, but if changes need to be made to match your production account or for an app you're building, you should be able to respond to the invite email you received from our Marketplace Onboarding Manager and let him know what and why you need things changed.